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Samsung Galaxy S8 Security feature is easily duped

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The feature allows users to unlock the phone by letting the front camera scan their face, but the system can be tricked into opening up by simply using photograph of its owner for the camera to scan.

A YouTube channel named iDeviceHelp tested the feature one of many toenable users to unlock the phone but found it was far from secure.

Compared to the exploding battery issue of its last high profile phone launch, this bug pales in comparison.

Given the fact that it’s still a few weeks until the phone hits stores, Samsungcould potentially upgrade the phone’s software to fix the fault by then.

The South Korean phone maker issued a statement explaining that the featurewas designed to bea convenient action to open your phone, similar to theswipe-to-unlock action,” but not as secure as its other methods.

We offer the highest level of biometric authentication fingerprint and iris tolock your phone and authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder,” thecompany said.

A major new feature of the phone is the artificially intelligent voice assistantdubbed Bixby effectively the company’s answer to the iPhone’s Siri.

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