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Year 2016 Best Tips and Tricks for Iphone.

Some unknown tricks and tips of Iphone. We  all daily go through our Iphone features and we really love the way it makes us feel. But there are many features which are hidden in the settings menu which we fail to get noticed of.

Today we will go through handful of Iphone features which will be fun to use on  your Iphone.

So here we go..



This a quick way to charge your battery just put your phone on airplane mode when plugged on with a charger. This will take less time compared to charging the phone on normal mode.

  • Family Sharing.





With Family Sharing, all family members can share purchases even if they have their own accounts. Up to six people in your family have the ability to share purchases from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store.

  • Take a Series of Images Simultaneously





Take multiple photos by just holding down the capture button of the camera. This will help you in capturing the better image while shooting a series of pictures.

  • Share your Location.




Stuck in a new place and your friends not able to find you. Don’t worry just send your location details by going to the iMessage option. This will send your location i.e a Map will be send to the contact.

  • Undo Typing Error




Just shake your phone and you will get an undo option. this will work out for you when you have made a typo error while writing emails or messages.

  • Invert iphone screen color.



Getting eye strain at night or want use iphone at night without the lights not disturbing others just by turning on Invert Colors found in Settings>General>Accessbility

  • Know the time of message.




To know the time of a particular message just simply swipe on the screen any where to the left.

  • Search option in the Settings menu.


settings search


This will let you search any setting in case if you iphone is updated to IOS 9. Just enter and search and avoid digging the setting.

  • Google Maps as a Free GPS.


offline map iphone


Even though your phone is on offline, simply zooming to a map area you want in the maps app, and type “ok maps” into the search box. The data will be available even when you do not have data connectivity.


  • Extend the Battery Life.




Running short of battery life and no option for charging. Just follow this setting and extend the battery life. You need to go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

  • Shortcuts to URL.


iphone suffixes like .com


Just hold down the “.” key and you will be prompted with suffixes like “.com” as you type a website URL.

  • Siri will check your twitter




Ask Siri “what Post Planner is saying” and you’ll see a list of our recent tweets.


Hope you enjoyed the above tips, these are some amazing tips which you may use it from today. There are lot of unrevieled features which we will post on our upcoming post. Enjoy applying these tips and have fun.