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Smartphones likely to get an Android N update

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N Android expected to be released in late summer 2016 , tentatively on September, already there is a buzz around the smartphone industry on which devices will be upgraded to  version 7.0 of Android . HTC is the first out of the gate to confirm Android N for its three devices.


We share a list of definite and probable smartphone which we know so far and expect to get N update.


ASUS N Android update

There are no communications or assumptions at the time whether the ASUS will get an Android N update.


Google Android N Update

The new Nexus that will be launched with Android N, hopefully every smartphone from the Nexus 6 onwards (not Nexus 5, just to be clear), Nexus 9 and Nexus Player will get an Android N update.


HTC Android Update N

Android N will be coming to the HTC 10, HTC One A9 and the HTC One M9.” An early update to a full-version Android N would indicate that HTC is working closely with Google, although HTC has yet to confirm this.


Huawei Android / Honor update N

The family Huawei P9 is obviously in the front line, but already Huawei and Honor have been shown to widely upgrade its line-up, even if with the times a bit ‘thinned, therefore nourished hopes for all the models 2016 and for at least those of the second half of 2015.


Android N update LG

LG G5 is obviously at the forefront, but there is no official confirmation at the time. LG is still used to go back far enough with the updates, so even G4 and V10 should sleep soundly. We’ll talk at the appropriate time.


Android update Motorola N / Lenovo

The new Moto G will be updated to Android O , then the same thing applies for any future Moto Z . However, we hope that Motorola knows how to spread even with its pre-Lenovo line-up, bringing Android least N of X Style, X Play , X-Force , and also Moto G and E (2015).


Android N update Samsung

No official communication from Samsung, but it seems that the top of the range the company ( Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S7, S7 edge Galaxy, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab S2 5 ; in addition to the not yet announced  Galaxy Note 6 ) may be updated to Android N before year-end . And then, slowly as always, many more, at least the whole line-up in 2016 to medium-high.


Android update N Sony

With the series Xperia X that has become the center of the efforts of Sony, it is his first name to make, but if we think that the Xperia Z3 has already received a developer preview of Android N , we think that the Japanese manufacturer will not forget the old models, at least from the Z3 series up.

Android update N NVIDIA

NVIDIA has already confirmed the update for Android SHIELD TV , but we think that evenShield Tablet K1 will be the game, and possibly even earlier.


Android update N OnePlus

With OnePlus 3 in the pipeline , it is his first name on the list. OnePlus 2 and X are likely to follow, just keepyour breath waiting.

Do you expect your device to get an Android N update? Will keep our fingers crossed.


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