Tips and Tricks About Extending Smartphone Battery Life.

With the introduction of new features and specs in the world of mobile technology people are so much dependent on mobile, that there devices have become part of their life. But than when the life of the device i.e BATTERY drains or run out of power that is when we get panic and tend to loose our cool. We all face this issue and expect a battery power for our device which last for a long time.

Batteries have made only sluggish progress. That has propelled a desire for longer battery life.

“There’s a lot of investments on all fronts for improving the technology above and beyond that, but I don’t think we’re going to see that hitting any kind of mass market for several years out,” Listed down are tips to save the battery consumtion on your device

Tips to save battery on Android and Apple phones


  • Use auto brightness for the screen.

auto bright.set-brightness-level

If you check your battery consumption option on your mobile the Ideal screen will be on the top of the list which consumes most of the battery power, by turn the screen to auto brightness you will be able to save much of the battery power.


  • Block ads on your browser


Installing ads blocking apps to block ads or option in settings of the browser to block ads are other way to save on the battery power, as this ads sucks a lot of your battery energy.


  • Download Music or videos instead of streaming it.


Listening to music or watching videos it’s better to download the music or videos and than watch coz that will reduce the battery consumption as streaming consume hell lot of power of the battery.


  • Turn of the WIFI when reception is weak.

wweak wifi

The more weak is the reception of your mobile network the more is the battery consumption, the same way the poor is the WIFI reception the mobile tends to use more battery to connect to the WIFI. Just turn on mobile data incase you face with a weak WIFI reception.


  • Battery Usage list


Both Iphone and Android have a option under battery usage to check which apps or settings in mobile is consuming the most power. This list will help you to unistall or disable the app which are not required for the moment and help you save the power


  • Disable Unnecessary location tracking


Putting of the GPS or location tracking in apps is also another way which will also help you to reduce the power consumption on your mobile. Use the GPS when required and put it on off mode.


  • Shut of push notification


Notifications require regular communication with notification servers, and each notification causes your phone to wake up for a few seconds, including turning on the screen. So go to your notification settings on your devices and select the push notification for only those apps which you really require.


If you have tried all the above and still struggle to get through the day with your battery, consider buying an external battery. For further tips and tricks please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.