Top 5 Best Android Themes or launcher for 2016.

Android Themes or launcher Apps are developed by external developer to change the look of smartphone without changing or harming the system files.

One of the most impressive ways to customize your smartphone is to install a launcher. The given lists of Android Launchers are exclusively chosen by FlashTechLOUD.

So let’s move to list of best android Themes or launchers 2016.


Best Android Themes or launchers


  • Nova Launcher for Android | Best Android Themes



The undisputed king of alternate Android launchers, Nova Launcher, holds a spot on nearly everyone’s smartphone. With over five million Play Store downloads, its fans can’t be wrong. The best thing of this Launcher is its super performance. This app consumes very low amount of RAM, which improves device performance as well as its battery juice also.It is highly customizable with lots of special features, and mush more are hidden in this robust launcher. It doesn’t Lag at all.




  • Go Launcher for Android | Best Android Themes


Go launcher Ex is powered with some of the Cool features like 3D effects, customized grids etc. which make it stand in the best android launcher 2016 list. Let look at the features. The app is very small in size as well. APK size of GO Launcher is 4MB only also provides a lot of eye catching transition effects as well..The only drawback of this app is that they promote there other apps in there launcher which makes it somewhat setback.


  • APUS Launcher for Android | Best Android Themes

Apus launcher


APUS Launcher, platform of APUS User System, is designed in a perfect balance between super performance and personalization to make your Android phone easy to use. With more than 250 million users around the world, APUS Launcher is one of the best Android launcher on Google Play.It is not RAM hungry which means it will give your faster performance.Has its own search app which can search anything from your contacts, messages and other apps.It’s free, so you should definitely check this one out. APUS’ animations are top-notch.



  • Next launcher for Android | Best Android Themes

next-launcher (1)

Next Launcher is 3D Best Launcher for android available in Play Store.Next Launcher is quite possibly the coolest 3D launcher available. Only a trial version is available for free download. It provides the best User Interface among 3D launchers.Only a trial version is available for free download. It provides the best User Interface among 3D launchers.The wow-factor of the Premium version is worth the cost. If you want a hi-tech, attention grabbing launcher on your phone, try the free version out and see if you can resist upgrading.



  • APEX Launcher for Android | Best Android Themes


Apex launcher is another great app to customize your smartphone developed by Apex inc.It offers a lot of customizable features for Android and Tablets. This best launcher for android is totally free to use and has amazing features to use. It offers near-endless customization options, complete home screen and app drawer control, gesture settings, and tons of icons, themes, launch animations and transition effects. You can Backup/restore the launcher settings.




This is all about top 5 best android Themes | launcher 2016 for customization of your android smart phone.What do you think is the best Android launcher? Let us know in the comments.


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