Top 5 must Yoga apps you Should have on your Phone

Western Science is started to encourage the importance of Yoga and how it works to improve health & for Weight Loss at Home. To make it reachable to the normal crowd there are genuine Best Yoga Apps on android available today.

What is the importance of Yoga in your life?

Yoga improves heath and these are the few which I have experienced.

  • Flexibility.
  • Pain relief.
  • Build self esteem
  • Peace of mind
  • Solution for digestion problems.
  • Build your immune system.
  • Better sleep
  • A Better focus
  • Better bone health.
  • Increase blood flow
  • Health lifestyle
  • Joint support
  • Control blood pressure and Diabetes.
  • Better balance.

Which are the Yoga Apps to learn Yoga at Home?

We list down Best Yoga Apps which help you to learn and make your own training plan for daily yoga training.


Are these Yoga Apps for Beginners?

Yes these Yoga Apps are for Beginners, intermediate & advance level of Yoga.


Best Yoga Apps 2019


  • Keep Yoga

This app features a program to help you achieve health benefits for both your mind and body .

With this app work towards Losing weight, relax your mind & body, sleep better, boost your immune system, and keep a calmer mind.

You can also choose from 400+ asanas, 10+ yoga session plans and 7 meditation courses.

Yoga sessions for different levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.






  • Down Dog | Great Yoga Anywhere

This is the best yoga app to stay fit mainly coz it won’t allow you you to the same workout over and over again.

Down Dog yoga app also  specifically work on the relieve of back pain of it’s user.

Their Yoga practices specifically target Back-bends, Back Strength, or Low Back Opening.

You still don’t believe us, do check the review of this app and you will be amazed by its positive reviews.







  • Yoga – Track Yoga

The Yoga – Track Yoga app is another Best Yoga app which helps to lose weight, gain flexibility, fight depression or get a great workout.

The app has various routine, poses and levels to choose from, which allows the users to choose accordingly.

This app covers basic–intermediate–advance yoga postures, thereby allowing the users to progress in their yoga routine.

The Yoga routine includes hatha yoga, pranayama, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, yoga asanas, ashtanga yoga, core yoga, power yoga, iyengar yoga and baba ramdev yoga.



Trending Today:


  • Yoga daily fitness

Another Best Free Yoga app to learn and practice yoga at your home with step by step instructions.

The app comes with various yoga programs, plans and instructions with videos.

The app also allow you to set reminder time for your Yoga routine.

Very easy and simple to use app,which makes it hassle free workout with your yoga routine.






  • Pocket Yoga

With Pocket Yoga you can adjust your yoga routine at your pace where ever be it your office or Home.

You just have to install the app and start it, just keep it in front of your mat,

Select the desired level of exercise, Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

The app focuses on correct posture, alignment, and benefits with it posture dictionary detailed explanation.




Hope you got some idea about the Best Yoga Apps available on play-store.

Do download and use this Yoga apps and let us know your feedback on the comment section.

In case if you feel that I have missed our on any favorite Yoga apps which you have been using.

Please be kind to share the details and we will try our best to list it in this article after reviewing it.

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