Top Interesting Facebook Facts You probably Don’t Know

Here are 15 amazing facts about Facebook that will show you just how remarkable Facebook really is, and may offer a glimpse of what we can expect from CEO -Zuckerberg and his team in the future.


15 Top Interesting Facebook Facts You Don’t Know 


Facebook interesting Facts


  • 800,000 Hacking Attempts on Facebook which is the Largest Number of Hacking Attempts on a Specific Site.


  • 150,000 Friends Request in Every 10 Minutes.


  • Facebook track Websites that You Visits Even After Logged Out from your Facebook Account.


  • Facebook Blue Color – CEO of Facebook – Mark Zukerberg Suffer from Red and Green Color Blindness. So thats Why He see Blue Color Better than These.


  • Mark Zukerberg is VIP on Facebook can not Block Mark Zukerberg.


  • Facebook Acquires – Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Private Core


  • Many Photos and Video is Uploaded into Facebook Every Minute. So It Takes Upto 27% of Upstream Web Traffic of Internet.


  • Fake Profiles on Facebook – There are Almost 8.2% Fake Users on Facebook Who make their Profiles for likes, share and for other Purposes and Facebook is trying to get it minimized.


  • 2 Millions Likes are Made in Single Minute.


  • Facebook Spend $30 Million Dollars on Their Hosting in Each Month. This may be the Biggest Hosting Money ever used for Website.


  • Facebook Loss for Every Minute – Server is Down or Under Maintenance So They Losses $3000 for Single Minute.


  • Mark Zukerberg Salary – CEO of the Facebook Mark Zukerberg Only Receive $1 as a Salary of CEO.


  • 400 Millions Photos Every Day – Facebook is Going Crazy that 400 Millions Pictures are Uploaded into Facebook Servers every day


  • $1.47Million in Every Hour – Facebook Earn almost 1.7 Million Dollars Every Hour.


  • Facebook is Ranked as 3rd for Divorce Cases – Means Information of Facebook is become the Major Factor of Divorce and also Act as a Source of Evidence in these Cases.



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