UC Browser Tricks: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Through this article I want you all to know about the UC Browser Tricks to make your Surfing experience more interesting & easier.

Many of UC Browser users are not at all aware about these supercool UC Browser Tricks. So, with that all being set, let’s check out these amazing feature which UC browser has to offer.

UC Browser Tricks

  • Block Ads

Yes you thought it right, the browser allows you to block those annoying ads when you are surfing something which is important for you. Next time onwards you won’t see any annoying Ads anymore.

To activate Go to Tools > Ad Blocker and Enable it.



  • Snapshot Feature

This option let you capture a screenshot and do basic editing. You can also add funny characters and other text on the captured image before saving it.

To do this  go to Tools > and Click on Screen Shot option. Now you can crop and select how many portions you need in the screenshot, you can do the basic editing now and send to your friends or someone.



  • Night Mode

While browsing at night and reading the text in high brightness  and contrast creates problem to our vision. This is what I like about UC browser you can activate Night mode and enjoy browsing at night.

To activate Night Mode, Click on three horizontal line icon at the bottom of the page and click on the Night mode.



  • View Desktop mode Website

When you wanna view some site on your phone the way it looks on desktop, UC browser has this option. Like Google Chrome for Android, UC Browser allows you to see the site in desktop mode.


  • Social Sharing

Sharing made easy now, Not all website will have sharing option enabled in it. In such situation, you can use the built-in feature of UC Browser to share a Webpage on your Social Media Profile with a single tap.



  • Variety of Themes

Customization is another feature of UC Browser which allows you to change the theme of the layout, Change background and add a new one.

To activate a custom theme, all you want to do is click on the three horizontal line icon at the centre bottom of the page and tap on Themes option. Here it will allow to change the theme.



  • Speed Dial Option

By default there are some websites shortcuts the in start page of UC Browser. If you want to, you can add a new one by removing old one by long pressing an icon.



  • QR Code Scanner

UC Browser allows you to scan QR Code of any product. To access QR Code Scanner in UC Browser, simply go to the Tools Section > Select QR Code Scanner.



  • Search For Any Word In The Page

When you are trying to find a word in the page(Let it be your seat number of some exam you were written, now you are searching online for the rank) It will take a lot of time to find a Word by going through the whole page manually. That’s where this feature in the UC Browser for Android comes in handy.



  • Save any Website

UC Browser also got a feature to save any of your favourite Website into your Mobile. Once you have saved a Website page, you can use it in Offline mode.

To save page for offline reading go to, Tools> Page Save



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