USES of OTG Cable that will BLOW YOUR MIND

Uses Of OTG Cable and rarely some people know about it and very few how to use it in their daily life.

To help you know more about What is the use of otg cable, this is our article to explore the OTG Cable Uses.

Before that for those who don’t know what exactly is OTG cable, here are the details below.

What is USB OTG?




USB On-The-Go, often referred as USB OTG or OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices, such as digital audio players or mobile phones, to act as a host.

Thus allowing other USB devices such as USB flash drives, digital cameras, musical instruments or keyboards to be connected to them.

How to check if Android device supports USB OTG?

You can either check the below logo on the packaging box of the android device or just Google and check if your handset support the OTG.



In case if your device support OTG, you will require to purchase an OTG cable which you can purchase easily from Online.



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What You Can Do with USB OTG?


Uses Of OTG Cable

  • To Connect USB Flash Drives for Data Transfer




External storage is at first of this list.

You need to just connect the USB OTG one end to the smartphone and other end at external storage device.

Now you can just easily access the external storage, transfer files from phone to the external storage device or the vice versa.



  • To Use Android Phone with Keyboards and Mice




Do you like to navigate your Android smartphone via mouse just the way you experience in your PC?

This is easy stuff just connect your USB mouse via a USB OTG cable and this will do the trick.

This option really helps especially when touch stops working. The same way you can connect the USB keyboard to the phone and use it as your working on your PC.



  • Play Games on Android Smartphones with Game Controllers




Today Smartphone games have changed so drastically, the amount of graphics and visual quality is so awesome.

However the on screen game controls which are offered by these games are not the best.

USB OTG let you to have control on these games by just simply connecting the game controller via USB OTG to your phone.

However some game controller will require your handset to be rooted and many will connect directly.




  • Use Ethernet on Android Devices via OTG Cable

usb ethernet usb otg

Wi-Fi is the preferred way where in every body like to get connected with internet on their phone the other option is the data connection provided by the operator.

But there are times when we don’t have the access to both.

However if you have the USB OTG & USB Ethernet adapter handy you can connect and use the Internet on phone.




  • Print Documents saved in Android Phone



Normal procedure for printing a document is to use a PC or connect the USB flash drive after copying the required docs to be printed.

This takes too much of time and hassle.

But if you have and OTG cable and you will require to download and app PrinterShare  from plays store which will download the drivers for USB printers on your Android Device and easily you can print the docs from your Android phone.


  • Control DSLR Camera(s) with Android Smartphones

dslr to android phone

Pro Photographers will love this, DSLR cameras offer the best image quality.

Your Android device can be connected up to DSLR camera and turned into a big live screen on your tablet or android device.

Complete with the ability to capture, focus, control shutter speed and much more via numerous apps available, one of my best is DSLR Controller




  • Transfer Photos from Digital Cameras to Android Device

tansfer pic from digital camera to android


Digital Cameras also uses USB for connection with PC or Laptops.

Like other external storage devices, Digital Camera can also be connected to your phones to transfer photos taken on Digital Camera to your Phone.

This is helpful in case if you want to edit the image on your Phone.




  • Use Your Android Smartphone to Charge other Phones



This one is the best use of USB OTG though which you can charge Android phone using the other phone.

Just connect the two phones and the phone which is directly connected to USB OTG will start charging the other device.

So next time when you are running out of battery the OTG cable will do the magic.




  • Share Contacts, Messages between Phones


The USB OTG along with SmartSwitch app lets you transfer messages, contacts, call logs, and much more between phones.

So the next time when you purchase a new handset you just need to connect the OTG cable with SmartSwitch app and that’s it.

Do you know of any other Best OTG uses that we have missed from the list? Don’t forget to share this on the comments section below..


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