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WhatsApp soon will Track location, edit & recall message

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​Since Facebook has taken over  WhatsApp alot has been happening frequently to keep the users interested in the app, the new update of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android recently is live location tracking.

Live Location feature will display your real-time location to those you chat to in groups using WhatsApp.

Now this creates a doubt on the privacy of your location using WhatsApp. Not to worry you do have a choice whether you want to opt for location tracking feature which can be changed from settings menu.

So next time you know how to track your partner when they say I am reaching in 5 minutes.

The feature will be useful in certain scenarios, at such time you can enable the feature for a limited window of two or five minutes.

The next feature that’s been introduced in the Android beta version is the ability to edit messages you sent and message recall feature.

However it will be possible to edit or recall messages that haven’t been read.

Although these features are introduced in WhatsApp beta it’s not yet announced when they’ll be rolled out exactly as they appear in the beta.