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WhatsApp may start making money by sending you spam

Seven years after it launched and three years after it was acquired by Facebook for a mammoth $19 billion, WhatsApp for the first time will soon be launching a revenue-generating service aimed at enterprises. So far, the messaging app has been providing a free of cost service to consumers and as a result, has managed to acquire a user base of over one billion. Now, for the first time, the messaging service is reportedly working on a solution for businesses to send messages directly to WhatsApp users.

According to reports, WhatsApp is collaborating with startup incubator Y Combinator to test the new service. Per the messages on the Y Combinator forum, the incubator will let a small number of companies participate in a trial of WhatsApp’s new service.

According to Reuters, the messaging company is also quizzing its user base about using the service to talk to businesses and whether they have ever received spam on WhatsApp. So far, WhatsApp has been providing its services for free to all users, even without ads.

If this does take off, it will be the first time WhatsApp implement a service that will allow it to make directly from the users.


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