WhatsApp New features You should know about

Since acquisition of Whats App, it has always been in news for various updates and  launching new features and last November month it has been best month for the Whats App users.

The world number 1 messaging app has introduced some awesome  features this month that will make your life easy. One of the best feature which we noticed is

  • Including quoting a chat. This help in replying to a particular question in the group.
  • @mentioning a friend name in a group chat reply
  • Making gif image out of video
  • Adding text & editing images and more.

However, this month, the most popularized messaging platform have been focused on improving the newly launched video calling features and security of the user.

How to make a video call on Whatsapp.

Just launch the whatsapp select the contact which you want to have a video call, click right top call option. Here you find the option to make the video call as shown in the screen shot below.