Wifi Router Buying Guide – How to choose the right Router?

Looking for a Wifi Router Buying Guide to make a correct purchase.

Since you have decided to buy a router or replace it with a new one.

We would like to bring into your notice some key factors which you should look for while making your decision.

To make you understand and not wasting much of your time.

We would make this guide in short for your ease.

Wifi Router Buying Guide

Here are the 3 Key factors you should look for while buying a Wifi Router.

  • Speed
  • Range
  • Multiple devices Connected


Let see in detail

  • Speed

Choose the router based on your requirements with the internet connection.

Here is picture to make it much understandable for you.

Wifi Router Buying Guide


  • Range of Router

This means coverage which indicates the distance till which you get the internet connection on your device.

Again, three factors affect the range.

  • Placement

Place the Router at the centre of your house for better coverage throughout the house.

  • Multiple Antennas

The more the antennas the better the range of internet in your house.

  • Obstructions

In case obstructions like wall between routers and your work desk better to switch to the 2.4 GHz band.

pro tip



  • Multiple devices Connected

Basic routers have capacity to accommodate 6 users at a time.

More the user connected the less will be the speed of internet.

For example

Types of Router

Here are the 3 type of routers available currently, choose the best which suits your requirement.

Wifi Router Buying Guide

Source: Amazon.in

Apart from the above information, we would warn user across not to fall for flashing ads which promises better performance routers.

Do you research your self buying reading the specifications.

Read user reviews, look at rating scores, and check different sources.

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