13 Remarkable Work From Home Essentials To Boost Your Productivity

While some people like Freelancer’s are used to working from Home.

For some it is difficult to adjust to this life style which has been introduced to them in last couple of Months.

Some feel the Covid 19 pandemic has helped them realize that a physical presence in office is not required to get their work done.

Many of us are trying to get use to it, however its important to rearrange your home to be fit for working.

To help you out & make your house fit for work we have come up with best work from Home essentials available in India.

Check out our list of recommended items you will need to set up your work from home office.


Must have Essentials for Work from Home in India


  • Computer – A Laptop is Preferred

Work from home essential, Essential items for a home office

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Many office’s had already provided their  employees with Laptop well before the Lock down. However for those who were working on Desktop, Laptop is the 1st priority when it comes to work from Home. Apple Mac-book is what we prefer. You can choose as per your budget needs.




  • Desk – A working Table

work from Home essential items, essentials for working from home

Nilkamal Zenith Engineered Wood Computer Desk

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A Desk to keep all you working essentials intact, preferably like the one shown in the picture. The smaller version of the desk for working seems to be cool as well.ESSENTIALS TO SET UP A HOME OFFICE




  • Comfort and ergonomic office chairwork from home essentials, essential items for working from home

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Office Chairs is a must when you are using part of your house for office purpose. Choose the one which is comfortable and durable. The picture of the office chair is a higher version which is preferred by those at CEO and senior management level. HoweverLot of collection of office chair is available online.




  • Keyboard – For Quick Typing 

Logitech K480 Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard

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Either connect your Laptop or your tablet phone and enjoy the ease of working with quick typing in wireless keyboard.

Wireless keyboard allows you to take your keyboard where ever you move at your home.

Check out these Keyboards




  • Mouse – For Speed & Precision

Work From Home Essentials

Logitech B175 Wireless Optical Mouse

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Ergonomically designed and easily portable wireless mouse, which is a ideal choice for your laptop for the ease of your work.

Options available both in wired and wireless earphone for as cheap as 500 Rs.




  • Monitor – Extreme office Setup

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A single cable connected from your laptop to the LED TV monitor will allow you to work on you laptop on one side and enjoy work on large screen with dual screen setup. Lot of option are available on Budget LED TV’s however our preference is LG.


  • Wifi Router – For better Internet Connection

Work from Home Essential

Most Important Work from Home Essential

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Home WiFi networks have been more than important since we have moved to start working from Home. 

A good WiFi router is very useful in making video calls, webinar and get your office work done quickly, that to when your family is using the same WiFi.

A good descent WiFi Router will cost you less than 1000 Rs in India.


  • Earphones : To cut the noise at your Home

Bose SoundLink Around Ear II Bluetooth Headset

Work from home Essential – Headphones

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This Bose Wireless headphone will disconnect you from your home, getting you totally involved on you work. Our preferred long time investment not only for Work from Home, but hearing lovely music when disconnected from work.

For people on Covid 19 Budget we have collection of best wired and wireless earphones for you. Choose what you feel right for you.

Wired Earphones

Wireless Earphones



  • Bluetooth speakers for better noise clarity

JBL Tuner Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Work from home essential – Bluetooth Speaker

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Connect you Laptop or you Phone and experience wireless sound experience, specially on a call with Team. Play your favorite music to pump up your mood while working from Home. This Bluetooth Speaker from JBL is worth the money you spend.

Other option you can choose as per your preference.



  • Laptop Stand to reduce screen glare

work from home essentials, items for work from home

Portronics MyBuddy Hexa II POR-571 Laptop Stand

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The Laptop stands are designed to hold laptops so you don’t have to do so yourself. You can adjust the stand as per your visibility to avoid neck strains.



  • Mouse Pad for smooth Movement

Acer Predator Ice Tunnel Mousepad


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Smooth and good quality mouse pad is what keeps the mouse rolling. You will have lot of options online.

Live sale of Mouse Pad on Flipkart

Amazon Offers on Mouse Pad



  • Printers / scanner

Brother HL-L2321D IND Single Function Monochrome Printer

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You will need this to print some important documents which you need to courier it your client or legal work. Scanning of document is something which can’t be avoided as everything seems to be digital now. Hence it is advisable to buy a printer with a scanner.




  • Table Lamp

Philips Air LED Desk Light 61013 - 5-Watt, Black Table Lamp

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If your job requires you to work at late nights or you prefer working when your family is deep asleep. Than this desk lamp is what you should have at your working space at home




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